Welcome to the East Side

There comes a time in every young relationship’s life when cramming two independent individuals into a one-bedroom Chicago apartment is just no longer going to cut it. While the closet space alone could drive a girl mad, having only the bedroom as an outlet from evening-long DVR-ed Oprah marathons can make any boyfriend feel trapped.

In a city like Chicago, where hibernation is common at least six months a year and friends with cars are few and far between, even the most active city dwellers are found spending more time in their apartments than desired. This is what led my boyfriend and I to move – to a new apartment and a new side of town. Our in-apartment priorities: two bedrooms, two closets, one dishwasher and enough space for two independent laundry baskets. We found what we were looking for with an additional toilet and a nearby Whole Foods to boot.

They say it is the simple things in life that bring a person happiness. Every day, I ride the brown line to work and, while squished amongst the down coats and tote bags of my Chicago neighbors, I stare at the rising sun against the city skyline. I have made it to the east side – to the permanently elevated trains, chain stores and express busses (which I heavily advise riding only after being completely aware of all the stops).

Chicago is a city of uncountable neighborhoods, and each pocket holds its own unique charm. A move across town could, and probably will, lead to a lifestyle change as drastic as moving to another city altogether. Our move so far has presented a weighty amount of unexpected challenges, but also an enhanced state of internal peace. After all, who would not love living within one train stop of an Einstein Bagels, DSW and a sushi restaurant that offers sweet potato tempura rolls?

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